Speed-Sensing Digital Laser Baseball

If you are wishing to get a good work out for your pitching arm and know, just how fast your fastball really is then you should try the Speed-sensing digital laser baseball.

The ball can tell if it is in your hand and can the minute, it leaves your hand the speed countdown begins. As soon as the laser [tag]baseball[/tag] is caught, the speed of the ball will be displayed on the LCD screen. So, you will know your pitching speed immediately.

Practice makes perfect they always say and learning how to pitch a fastball may be just what your team needs to make it to the finals. Or, you may just enjoy showing off your pitching speed to the rest of the guys or to impress that special lady. But, wait in a minute her speed may just out do yours. There is only one way to find out and that is with the Speed-Sensing Digital Laser Baseball.

The laser baseball is the standard size and weight of the Major league baseball, so you will be practicing with one just like you use in the real game. Features of the laser baseball include hand sensing technology, accurate readings from 20 to 120 MPH, made of PVC ball skin, LCD display, a start button that is just a press and release, you can even press the start button for more than 3 seconds to allow you to change the pitching distance and the automatic power shut-off after 2 minutes of idle time.

With the laser baseball, you will also receive an instruction booklet and a distance string. You can purchase the laser baseball online for around $23.00 here.