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Perplex City
I’ll be posting about this in our sister site Game Addicts but as I bought this present from Firebox it seems gadety enough to here as well :).

I got this as one of those last minute Christmas presents from Firebox and am now really pleased I did, when I asked who I gave the gift to ,what they thought of it (expecting a uh it’s okay) this is the response I got:

Have just started playing Perplex City – and am already hooked. Be warned, this is a very dangerous game to play – you will lose hours of your life!

I started out with 4 packs (each containing 6 puzzle cards). The concept is that you solve various puzzles in order to try and track down the Receda Cube which has been stolen from Perplex City. The cube is hidden somewhere on Earth (I think!) and there are 236 puzzle cards to solve which will give you clues as to where the Receda Cube could be hidden.

The puzzle cards themselves range from the very easy (my 8 year old child answered a couple) to the infuriating, hair-pulling out, “seem so simple, but why is my answer wrong – aaarrrggg!” type cards. On the reverse of the cards there’s a section of map for the whole of [tag]Perplex City[/tag], so I guess when you’ve got all your 236 cards, you can put these all together in an effort to get the whole picture of the City.

There are many ARG (Alternative Reality [tag]Gaming[/tag]) sites for you to speak with other gamers who hopefully will be able to give you some help with solving some of your cards. I have found the forums on the actual Perplex City site very useful and also the Unfiction forums.

There is an actual cash reward (£100,000 UK/US$200,000) as an added incentive, but just solving the cards themselves is reward enough for me.

So not only did a get a thank you and a review for here I’m sure I’ll have earned brownie points for next Christmas , though I’m sure they’ll be forgotten or revoked by then:).

Available (as previously mentioned) from Firebox

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