Electronic Do It Yourself Waterless Plant Alarm

Okay, I do not know about you, but I do not have a green thumb. I either over-water and drown the plants or leave them too dry and they wither away and die. But, this cool gadget will be sure to aid some of us in keeping our plants alive a little longer. As least if we forget to water them we will hear a nice alarm to remind us that they need water and while you are giving them this much needed essential fluid you could always say a kind word or two. Plants that get attention are known to grow better, or at least that is what I have been told.

The Waterless Plant Alarm has an adjustable variable resistor, is very simple to build, will run on two “AA” batteries and the alarm will definitely buss when there is no water detected in the soil.

Your waterless plant alarm comes complete with one variable resistor, ¼ watt resistor, one 6P sliding switch, one transistor buzzer, one 3V battery set, one plug, one coaxial cable, one PCB and of course instruction on exactly how to build it correctly.

You will never forget to water your plants again with this cool gadget. Once you get use to watering them because of the annoying buzzing sound you will be sure to remember from then on.

This would be the perfect idea for plants at the office and at home to ensure they receive the much needed water that will keep them healthy. There is nothing worse to see when you walk through the door of a home or office than withering and dying plants. It is not a very good impression of how you take care of things in your possession.

You can find the waterless plant alarm at for $5.99.