Chuck’s Magic Chalkboard Paint

by Anita

This is an ingenious idea that would sure save the school system some money not to mention parents. This chalkboard paint will replace all those chalkboards that schools need in each and every classroom. The idea of painting a child’s room with chalkboard paint is terrific. You know how little ones enjoy writing all the walls with their crayons, markers, etc…, well now you can allow their creativity to flow as long as they are in their rooms using chalk on their on walls.

This is a great idea for restaurants, church classrooms, meeting halls, or any other place that needs to post information. You can choose which wall or area of the wall in which to paint and then you will always have a message board.

I cannot even believe this paint has been around since 1995 and I have never even heard about it.

Think of all the possibilities with chalkboard paint. You can design an entire room using this paint and then use chalk and design a different picture each and every day if your heart desires. A great way for a budding artist to practice their skills and then just wipe away what they do like.

At this time, you can only choose from black or green but I believe that in the near future Chuck will have all kinds of unique and fascinating colors that will give your classroom a wonderful and new touch that no other class will have.

He even offers three full months money back guarantee with out any questions. One quart of Chuck’s magic chalkboard paint is $36.90USD and one gallon is $86.90USD. This price does include shipping and handling and can be ordered online through paypal.

To find out more or to order you can check it out here

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Al Says: January 2, 2006 at 3:27 pm

That is a really cool idea, I could use that in my office, though I would appear a bit goth painting all the walls black

Andy Moreland Says: January 2, 2006 at 9:59 pm

This is also available at many craft stores, its some sort of acrylic thingie.

If you have a wall with any sort of texture (bumpy) than this isn’t so great, it will eat up the chalk in a snap and won’t wipe away fully.

Chelsea Says: September 3, 2007 at 7:00 pm

How long do you have to wait for chalkboard paint to dry. I got some and sprayed it on and it sucks really bad, it was on there for at least an hour and it was still fairly sticky and when i wrote with the chalk it didn’t come off even with scrubbing. I actually think that it left a mark in the paint. I cant remember the brand or i would tell you, sorry. So please give me some info on this. Did I get a bad product?

Pat, Boston Says: July 30, 2010 at 9:09 am

Cures for the “first to the chaulkboard” display that all teachers use to single out poor or excellent students: chaulkboards all around, so everyone can work on the problem, and share.

Sure cure to the chaulkboard fear that most students encounter in their lives by embarrassment at the board, and to reduce the show offs who always wind up there – as teacher’s pets.

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