USB Shaking Octopus

by Anita

Okay, you are at work trudging through all those reports and other information on your computer because you have to have the end of the month report on your boss’s desk by 5pm. All that stress has now brought on a massive headache, but you know you do not have the time to stop and try to relieve your headache. If you stop, you may not get your report finished and you are having a very hard time concentrating. Well, the USB port shaking octopus may be your answer.

All you have to do is hook the USB cord to your computer, push a button on the USB port shaking octopus and then place the octopus’s lets onto your head, gently.

There are special vibrating tips on the end of each leg of the octopus that will have that stress gone in no time. The legs are adjustable so you can also use the USB shaking octopus on your neck muscles or even your waist.

What better way to relieve stress in your neck in shoulders while still working than with a gadget that can plug into a USB port. You will not have to take medication or wait until you can get home for a massage. The tension and stress will be gone shortly.

Yes, others may think you look rather silly with an octopus on your head, but you will be the one getting all of your work completed on time without as much stress. Who knows everyone may wish to try it out.

For the USB port shaking octopus to work you will need of course an empty USB port, and/or two “AA” batteries. The price for this cool gadget is around $40 USD online.

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