2000-year old computer

ancientcomputer.jpgScientists recently announced that they discovered how the Antikythera Mechanism was supposed to work. The 2000-year old analogue computer was discovered in the early 1900s but its functioning was always surrounded by uncertainties.

The study was coordinated by Mike Edmunds and Tony Freeth from the Cardiff University. Thanks to X-Rays and tri-dimensional scanning the researchers were able to read the inscriptions inside the mechanism and to interpret its functioning.

Apparently the ancient computer was used measure the movement of different astronomical cycles. There was two displays, the first one would display the passages of the Sun and the Moon through the different constellations of the Zodiac. The second display, instead, would display the time in relation to astronomical cycles through pointers.

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Connectv Football brings soccer action into living room

plug-n-play-football.jpgNearly every kid in Britain looks forward to those Saturday afternoon kick offs at stadiums all over the country to see their favorite soccer stars in action, and would love to be in the shoes boots of someone earning an obscene £50,000 a week. It is then that they can pick up cool gadgets like the 100″ Home Video Arcade Center without blinking an eye, and get the entire neighborhood gifts for Christmas while having enough left over to purchase an exotic sports car after saving up for a few months. Unfortunately, not everybody has the skills required to make it to the top level, but you can still have your soccer fun minus the adoration of female groupies who want to have your babies with the Connectv Football game.

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Roll your own Toast, designer style. A new award winning toaster design that Rocks!

Normally, I hate concepts. Either things are research, or they are in production, don’t taunt me with things that aren’t real, or aren’t going to be real, real soon!

Toaster Roller

This concept is definitely on it’s way to reality though, so I guess I’m ok. It’s for a well, “Rollertoaster” This is one of the smartest things to happen to toast since the “Sliced Bread Incident” so many years ago (and look how well that went!)

Jaren Goh, a designer from Singapore is the brainchild designer behind this beautiful little creation. I really do suggest you visit his site, (it’s rather well done!) Here’s Jaren Goh’s site.
We all have toasters, but they take up space, and don’t offer a clue to how well they’re toasting. We can only sit and wonder,, doh I have lightly golden toast, or could this possibly look like ash from a nearby volcano upon it’s return to the land above the caldera of the toaster! You never know and there is no immediacy. With this design you get both.

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Second Life residents get free cellphones

second-life-cellphone.jpgYouNeverCall, an online cellphone retailer, decided to break new ground in terms of business by moving into the virtual one. They have a ready market of 1.5 million potential customers by jumping straight into the Second Life online community, offering a fully functional in-game cellphone for free. These virtual cellphones in Second Life are meant to be more than an accessory that offers meaningless fun – YouNeverCall will incorporate actual cellphone features in the virtual world by enabling them to ring, and there is no need to download any additional module to snag one for yourself. All you need to do is to head on here to get your very own virtual cellphone.

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Promoting the Plasma

plasma.jpgThree large electronics manufacturers joined forces to promote the plasma technology across Europe. Matsushita (Panasonic), Hitachi and Pioneer are driving the initiative which started with a market research to discover how the consumer perceive LCD and plasma screens.

Most of the results of the market research can be found on the site http://www.plasma-lcd-facts.eu. The tagline of the website is “We are not saying plasma TV is better. You are.”. Check out some of the statistics that they highlight:

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Xerox develops paper that ‘resets’ itself

xerox-temp-paper.jpgTrees around the world and environmentalists will rejoice with Xerox’s latest news announcement – they have successfully developed a way to make prints that have a one-day expiry date. This means the paper it is printed on can be used over and over again. Although the technology might be in its primitive state, think about the implications of such a quantum leap when it is perfected. Most of us often take a glance at printed material before filing it away somewhere, only to forget about it a few days later. This could spur a whole new generation of office workers who practice the Just-In-Time policy, printing what people need at that very moment and forgetting about it. Recipients of the printout could always scan the printed copy and let the paper “reset” itself the next day.

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Nike Amp+ coming our way

nikeamp.jpgWhen Nike and Apple first went to bed together, the product of their union was the Nike+iPod Sports Kit which was able to gather various data such as the distance, amount of calories burnt, running time, and pace of the user thanks to a wireless Bluetooth module that was inserted under the heel of a Nike+ compatible sports shoe that communicates with the transceiver plugged into an iPod nano. Both companies aim to add yet another offering to their exercise line-up by bringing us the Nike Amp+, a wireless wristband device that empowers runners to control their iPods without staining the Click Wheel with their sweat-soaked fingers.

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DigiMemo clipboard

The humble clipboard was long overdue for the application of technology – it’s doesn’t take batteries and can survive a 10 foot drop! What’s that all about? Acecad have rectified that particular flaw with their new “DigiMemo” range of digital clipboards.

The Digimemo A402 captures your analogue scribbles and stores them to flash memory, where they can be downloaded later onto a PC. Unlike tablet PC solutions though you still use conventional paper and ink for your scribbles, so you get the benefit of keeping the original scribbles for posterity.

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