Receive e-mail without a computer

email-printer.jpgDon’t leave grandpa out of the loop when your entire family catches up this upcoming holiday season, discussing about the tons of forwarded e-mail, funny pictures, as well as quotes from President Bush concerning “the Google” which he uses to view his ranch via “the Internets”. Should the family’s patriach be too advanced in his age to pick up a mouse and wield a keyboard, why not get him the Computerless E-Mail printer instead?

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Toy-friendly Dishwasher

Toy-friendly Dishwasher
Niche markets are great; they provide a relatively small group with exactly what they need. But with Bosch’s new dishwasher, I think it’s a little extreme. No, it’s not diamond encrusted or gold plated, but it’s designed to be used specifically with . . . toys.

With the help of Lego, a giant in the children’s toy market, Bosch designed the first toy-safe dishwasher. Most toys tend to be made of very thin plastic, which causes them to melt when put into a regular cycle. Still, if you used a cold cycle with soap, it wouldn’t be powerful enough to kill all of the germs that undoubtedly cover all your child’s toys. The solution to these two problems is to use a special cycle with a temperature of 40° C. At this temperature, it’s just enough to kill all of the germs while keeping the toys intact.

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Luxury mobile phones to enter the Indian market

Idian Cell Vertu
Probably most of you are familiar with Vertu, a subsidiary of Nokia that produces luxury mobile phones. The “economic” version of their mobile phones start selling at $4,000 a pop. In some cases, however, the price can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, like the limited edition (only 34 mobile phones will be produced) of the Bucheron phones which can cost as much as $300,000. Most handsets present finishes in gold or platinum, featuring a sapphire-crystal screen and ruby bearings.

Vertu just landed in India to present a new line called “Signature Diamonds”, which will sell for $50,000 each. India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, and it has a strong appetite for luxury products. It represents the largest market for gold products and detains almost 60% of the international diamonds market.

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USB Drum Kit

USB Drum Kit
Just like every other kid, I too faced the point in my life where I decided I wanted to be a drummer. I didn’t actually get a real drum, but I did get an electric one that lost its fun in about a month. Nowadays, I wish I had gotten the USB Drum Kit, maybe it would’ve lasted a couple of months longer.

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Want spin? Hitch on this bionic dolphin

Bionic DolphinBionic dolphins? Ho-hum. But I bet sometime during the summer you’ll be whitewater rafting and dreaming of this Thomas “Doc” Rowe’s outrageous watercraft.

Cruising at 55 mph, built to withstand 200 mph winds, constructed from Kevlar, able to spin 360 degrees or rise vertically like a real dolphin, and can travel 300 miles without refueling, this newest aquatic vehicle in town is the stuff of theme parks. But it’s far more useful than meets the eye.

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Pinnacle Soundbridge

Pinnacle Soundbridge

The Pinnacle Soundbridge is an all around sound system that can be placed and used anywhere on your home, with the help of a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection it can work in coordination with a PC/Mac/stereo system/powered speakers to play the desired digital music wirelessly.

What situations is the pinnacle soundbrige good for? Here is one example: you have some cool songs in your computer but want to use the stereo system placed on your living room to listen to music, what to do? Just use pinnacle and the problem is solved.

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Color Max

The Color Max
As you get older, and your eyes get worse, it becomes harder and harder to read the fine print on the backs of books, medicine bottles, receipts, or even magazines. Reading glasses are a good choice, but may not be powerful enough for you; in that case, you may have to resort to the Color Max to read that kind of stuff.

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HMD800 – Head Mounted Display for iPod and others

HMD800 - Head Mounted Display

If you remember and enjoyed yesterday’s post about the Teleglass, you will probably like this one as well because both products are on the same category. The HMD800 actually costs less and is already available for purchase, those are the 2 bonus points.

The Head Mounted Display (HMD) works with iPods, DVD Players, Gaming Systems, and any other device that features a AV output. Its function is to reproduce the image that is being played on your device, into a 30-inch virtual theater-like image that you can see while wearing the glasses.

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