The Personal Cooling System (3.0)

The Personal Cooling System
When it’s hot out, there’s nothing like getting squirted with some water or walking into a place with the AC on full blast. Whenever those sources of cooling aren’t available, you’re pretty much sore out of luck; well, unless you’ve got your Personal Cooling System handy!

It looks a bit strange, and you’ll certainly get a few stares when wearing this thing out in public, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cons: a few hours of coolness.

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Visiball Golf Ball Finding Glasses

Visiball Golf Ball Finding Sunglasses
We’ve posted about the RadarGolf System previously, but it does have a few cons. First, it’s pricey; costing $250 for the starter kit, and two, it’s not approved for “official” play. The last one isn’t much of a problem because if you’re that good, you have a dedicated person, maybe team, to find any lost balls.

The Visiball Golf Finder does the same thing as the RadarGolf, but in a much simpler and less technological way.

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Bodyguard for laptops and other devices

iPod Bodyguard

One of the things that worries me the most when going to university with my laptop is forgetting about it somewhere or maybe some funny guy can have the brilliant idea to steal it, not that it happens all the time but it can occur once every blue moon. To keep things safe and the devices the proper owners, I found a gadget that can be useful in some situations, it can’t be trusted in all scenarios or else you would have a real bodyguard protecting your stuff instead of an electronic device.

This bodyguard consists of 2 objects: a small and light clip that you attach to your laptop/mp3 player/cellphone/digital camera or any other small gadget you can think like a USB flash drive; and a small monitor that stays with you all the time. You can setup a maximum distance like 30 or 100 feet and if the clip that is tagged with your device passes that distance, the small monitor will alert you. In order to know if the monitor is working in coordination with the clip there is a LED system to confirm this, so you might want to double check before using.

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Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger

Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger
I like, they sell a load of cool stuff and also sent me a goodie bag of gadgets (which is a very good way to get my attention :)), the majority of which I’ll be giving away in our forums. Their latest product is the USB Mobile Device Charger.


Battery life of new power-hungry mobile devices has a lot to answer for. We all know how annoying it is when your device runs out of battery when you need it the most – the phone call you had to make, the 3 hour journey you are on with no book to read, or that deal breaking email that you had to send… have come up with the answer.


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2 new cool Sony Ericsson cellphones – Z558 and W830

Sony Ericsson Z558
Sony Ericsson has recently added 4 cellphones that can be mentioned as upgrades of previous versions, I will mention 2 of them that I liked and would probably buy if money wasn’t a problem. While cellphones don’t have the right to a daily appearance on Coolest Gadgets (which is good) these newborns deserve some attention because they are kind of unique.

To start with we have the Z558 (previous Z550) that is oriented for China and the surrounding markets, it is special because it is the first cellphone from Sony Ericsson that doesn’t uses the Symbian software and the other bonus is having a touch screen & stylus system – this is a kind of rare feature to see on clamshell phones. There is still an extra incentive that many people will love or hate depending on how easy it is to use, the character recognition (special with Chinese characters) might make life easier hard when writing text for SMS.

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Ambient Light Flat Panel TVs

Ambient Light TV
I’m currently in the midst’s of a house move, one of the great benefits of which is I’ve been given “permission” to kit out the living room as a home cinema. From a gadget point of view this is great as it means I’ll need to get a load of new kit including:

  • Flat Panel TV (Plasma or LCD, not sure which yet)
  • New surround sound system
  • Media PC (I’ll probably reuse an old one for this but Mac Minis do look cool)

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Bring gaming audio to the next level

x1-ear-force.jpgTurtle Beach is a company that is famous for its expertise in the world of computer audio, and their sound cards have been around long enough to make them legends. Naturally, they have branched out to different aspects of sound, and what better way to do so than enter headlong into the wild world of gaming? After all, gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, so any peripheral which enhances the gaming experience will naturally end up as a big seller. The Ear Force X1 amplified headphones aim to give hardcore gamers the edge over their opponents which they so crave for. After all, aren’t such gamers the very same ones who would not blink an eye when it comes to forking out huge amounts of money for mundane items such as mouse pads and optical mice?

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