The Freeze Alarm

The Freeze Alarm
People tend to worry about their homes when their away; it’s a normal thing to do. Nobody wants to come home and find that a pipe has burst and you don’t have any water, or the power has been out for days. Peace of mind is worth a good deal of money to people, and the Freeze Alarm capitalizes on that fact.

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Fore indoors!!! or Here Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!! The Golf-Launchpad

Indoor GolfSo you want to play golf in the house but your mother, wife, girlfriend, dog is opposed to the idea, B$!@ocks!!! Now you can play in the house (ok, at least first check and see that you have enough swing room, if you don’t, you may hit grandpa’s ashes, and that’s never good, remember he wanted them scattered at St. Andrews, not while you played it on your PC!)

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What does Mr. Roboto drink? Gel-Bot,,mmmm,

Gel BotHi, I’m Fred, I’m an Industrial Designer in the Bay Area here in California. You guessed it, I’m the newest guy on the team here at Look for my stuff on a daily basis. I’ll be focusing on the cool, the neat, the useful, the simple, the complex, and the mildly outrageous from a designers point of view.

And now for the bloggy goodness; To begin I’m going to take a tiny step back in time for something you may have missed, and yet is a wonderful piece of tech. It was brought to my attention a bit ago by my friend Justice (He’s part owner in the great bike shop Wheels of Justice“)

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Alphacool LCD display extends desktop

alphacool.jpgPicture this scenario – you’re running too many applications on your desktop that your screen real estate is not large enough to display every single window that you want to see. Or imagine yourself as a prima donna blogger who has more RSS feeds to go through than you can shake a stick at, and yet you do not want to constantly switch between windows as the distraction will disrupt your train of thought. Getting a larger monitor won’t help either, hence the introduction of the Alphacool LCD display as a secondary monitor. For $240, you get a fully programmable 240 x 128 pixel display.

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Tell the time and predict the weather simultaneously

weather-forecaster.jpgSomehow or other, people are drawn to activities that require some level of prediction such as betting (I personally predicted a 2-1 win over the Italians by the French at this summer’s World Cup but was sorely wrong) and weather reports. Nearly everyone relies on the weather reporter as they plan out the next day’s activities such as leaving the clothes out to dry before heading off to work or playing a round of golf. This is where home gadgets like the Oregon Scientific Weather Forecaster comes in handy, capable of giving you what the news report will minus the irritating advertisements.

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iPulse Bear offers light and sound show

ipulse-bear.jpgIf you’re scratching your head what to buy for a kid with just $50 in your pocket, perhaps the iPulse Bear Speaker System will be a wise choice, leaving you with a smile on your face and some loose change in your pocket to boot. This cute little bear will bring the disco experience home, featuring a kangaroo-like pouch on his belly that will keep your iPod or any other digital audio player securely. Turning the iPulse Bear on (somehow that doesn’t sound quite right) requires one to just squeeze the paw.

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Keep kids safe with OnGuard Safety Alert System

onguard.jpgMost of us often detest the amount of control our parents exert over our lives during our younger days, as their lectures are more often than not littered with “do nots” rather than “go ahead”. We think that they are old-fashioned and do not understand why a young person requires the amount of freedom to hang out with one’s friends until the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, karma has a way of placing us in our parents’ shoes when we ourselves behold a bundle of joy in our arms, promising to take good care of our kid, forming a list of “do nots” in our minds already. This is where the OnGuard Kids Personal Safety Alert watch comes in handy as you cannot be around your kid all the time.

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Toy-friendly Dishwasher

Toy-friendly Dishwasher
Niche markets are great; they provide a relatively small group with exactly what they need. But with Bosch’s new dishwasher, I think it’s a little extreme. No, it’s not diamond encrusted or gold plated, but it’s designed to be used specifically with . . . toys.

With the help of Lego, a giant in the children’s toy market, Bosch designed the first toy-safe dishwasher. Most toys tend to be made of very thin plastic, which causes them to melt when put into a regular cycle. Still, if you used a cold cycle with soap, it wouldn’t be powerful enough to kill all of the germs that undoubtedly cover all your child’s toys. The solution to these two problems is to use a special cycle with a temperature of 40° C. At this temperature, it’s just enough to kill all of the germs while keeping the toys intact.

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Luxury mobile phones to enter the Indian market

Idian Cell Vertu
Probably most of you are familiar with Vertu, a subsidiary of Nokia that produces luxury mobile phones. The “economic” version of their mobile phones start selling at $4,000 a pop. In some cases, however, the price can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, like the limited edition (only 34 mobile phones will be produced) of the Bucheron phones which can cost as much as $300,000. Most handsets present finishes in gold or platinum, featuring a sapphire-crystal screen and ruby bearings.

Vertu just landed in India to present a new line called “Signature Diamonds”, which will sell for $50,000 each. India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, and it has a strong appetite for luxury products. It represents the largest market for gold products and detains almost 60% of the international diamonds market.

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