Panasonic DL-GWN lighted toilet seat

panasonic-gl-dwn.jpgPeeing in the wee hours (no pun intended) of the morning is rather problematic for certain segments of the population as they do not have the laser-guided equipment that George Bush Jr. has at his disposal. After all, nobody is at his best frame of mind to calculate complex trigonometry formulas in order to obtain the correct trajectory required to aim in the correct place without wetting the entire toilet seat (with much chagrin to his partner) as well as himself.

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Energy Power Meter

kwh meter

We’re all geeks here – that means we run a whole stack of things with flashing lights and they all use power. After receiving a particularly heavy electricity bill last month I invested in one of these kWh meters to see where the power was going. This model is UK specific but the same sort of device can be found for any country.

The device measures watts, volts, amps and kilowatt-hours and if you enter the price of your electricity it will also tell you exactly how much your toys are costing you.

So where was my power going? Read on but prepare to be scared 🙂

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Bendi Light-up Keyboard

Bendi Light-up Keyboard

Remember the Flexible Keyboard? Well, this is like an upgrade of that keyboard but its sporting a different name, this time it is presented as the Bendi Light-up Keyboard. It features everything the past version had like standard keys, easy for transportation and more. It is made of silicone and not easily destroyed, it’s also waterproof so no worries when dropping coffee/water/coke/tea/etc on to your keyboard like it happened in the past months.

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The Remember Ring

The Remember Ring
One of the worst things, if not the worst, a husband can do is forget his own anniversary. You will never forget to get flowers or some jewelry with your Remember Ring.

It looks like a standard ring, nothing special. But inside, there’s a heating element that will start to heat up when it’s about 24 hours to the special day. The temperature starts at 120 F and keeps getting warmer every hour from there.

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Control your Dreams with NovaDreamer

Lucid DreamsHave you ever been lying in bed asleep, having a great dream but also being conscious enough to intentionally influence the direction your dream takes?

This has happened to me on a few occasions and I just found out today this phenomenon is known as Lucid dreaming. I also didn’t realise you can train your mind to be able to lucid dream at will (whenever it’s happened to me before it’s been purely accidental, often on holiday when the heat disturbs my sleep pattern (or is it the beer)).

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