Keep riff-raff out with the Digital Deadbolt

keyless-entry-deadbolt.jpgHow many of us often lose our keys (and in the very same process, gain a few strands of grey hairs as well as lose some sanity), only to call the locksmith and change the entire household’s locks? This could turn out to be a rather costly affair in the end, not to mention time consuming and inconvenient. Why not settle for a keypad deadbolt lock that does not run on batteries or electricity? Smart Home is offering the Ultra-Secure Digital Deadbolt for just $99.99, and it is worth the investment since you would not want to risk your little piece of Utopia being broken into without a fight.

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Your own intelligent water bottle

The HydroCoach
If you went up to someone on the street and asked if they knew how much water they should be drinking daily, they’d probably say they had no clue. When you tell them that it’s 64 oz. and ask about how much they drink a day, it will probably be a lot lower.

People have various excuses as to why they don’t get the recommended 64 ounces, the main one is that it’s to hard to remember and it slips their mind during their day. You won’t be able to make any excuses once you get yourself a HydraCoach: your own intelligent water bottle.

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The Complete New Yorker

The Complete New Yorker

In case you are a New Yorker fanatic (the newspaper, not the NY city) this item will certainly interest you, it is a digital copy of the entire New Yorker archive which goes from February 1925 to April 2006, more than 75 years worth of news (81 years to be exact). The content comes in a small 3-inch x 5-inch, portable and brushed aluminum hard drive with a storage capacity of 80GB, it’s not full of data (there are 750MB of free space) so the next time The New Yorker creates an update you’ll able to add more stuff on to the drive.

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USB Mixing Kit

USB Mixing Kit

I have always wanted to experiment some DJing but never had the proper tools to do so, the USB Mixing Kit might be what I was looking for all these years, it’s not very complicated to use and not too newbie style either – it’s made for rookie DJs that want to learn the real deal.

The plug-and-play strategy is used with the Mixing Kit, just connect it to the PC USB port and you will have access to all the music there is on your computer including different formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV and more. After installing the software there will appear 2 virtual turntables so you can add whichever song you want, at that point comes the important mission – adding effects and mixing musics.

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Browzar – a stinky browser with adware


Browzar was announced a few days ago as a new internet browser with the slogan – Your private window on the Web. There was a lot of hype on different big and important websites (Register, BBC and others) because this new piece of shit software was suppose to offer plenty of benefits such as no installation required, browsing history, stored files and cookies were not saved to protect the users privacy, being freeware and only occupying 246k of space were the other bonus offers.

Well, it didn’t take long for everyone on the internet (besides the previous mainstream sites) to notice that Browzar is nothing but a program with adware and doesn’t have the announced features. It is considered adware/bullshit program by many people.

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Altec Lansing’s FX6021 Desktop Speakers

A lot of people, including me, are happy with those basic speakers that come with your desktop, or the tiny ones built into your laptop. But if you really need a sub and some speakers for your computer, be it for gaming, movies, or music, you should take a look at the Altec Lansing FX6021’s.

No, it’s not 5.1 surround, it is 2.1 though. The great part about these speakers is the form factor, the two satellite speakers are extremely thin, you could easily fit them on just about any desk. The speaker design is pretty sleek, too, they’d look great next to a nice flat panel (Cinema Display 30”!) The 6.5” subwoofer can be placed under your desk or off in a corner and you’ll pretty much forget it’s there.

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Vacunaut – Taking Shape without Surgery

Having problems shifting a “spare tyre” around your midriff? You’re not alone, as this is a problem many people encounter. You spend hours at the gym putting in countless hours of healthy exercise, but still the love handles remain. Well, there could be a solution in the guise of the Vacunaut training system. It’s a method of gentle exercise combined with clever vacuum therapy targeting the midriff section.

The main feature of the Vacunaut pressure suit is an integrated fat activation system consisting of 122 chambers that performs a gentle massage on the stomach; these chambers provide the opportunity for low and high pressure to be alternated on and around the midriff area.

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