Keep the good times rolling

usb-rollup-piano.jpgBrando of Hong Kong is noted for pulling out weird and wacky stuff from their magical Top Hat, and this latest offering is no different. You can now annoy friends and relatives anytime, anywhere with your best Stevie Wonder impersonation that will set cats scurrying away from the premises in a hurry with the USB Roll-Up Piano. This nifty USB gadget is just the thing to purchase for those who want to practice their scales as well as exam pieces on-the-go – all they need to do is to plug it into any available USB port and they’re good to go. There is no need to purchase additional batteries that ultimately results in a heavier weight, although it might be pretty hard to use this for busking purposes unless you’ve got a solar powered laptop to plug in to.

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Mad cow and all sorts of food-related diseases have been in the news lately, and it’s okay to be cautious, but some people can be a bit paranoid.

The SensorfreshQ capitalizes on those people who feel like they’re, without a doubt, going to be the next ones who are infected. Anybody else will simply find this gadget amusing.

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Bartender, gimme a double!

carlsberg-draughtmaster.jpgYou know how everyone at Coolest Gadgets love to have a tipple or two judging by the amount of alcoholic posts that we have made. The new Draughtmaster from Carlsberg will definitely be on top of most mens’ shopping lists this holiday season as you now no longer need to trudge down a cold, long road to the local tavern in order to knock back a few pints with your mates. Instead, you can pull points of lager in the comfort of your own home, although the missus will strongly disapprove of having your friends over as ruining the recently purchased Persian carpet with puke will most definitely be grounds for a divorce.

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Watch spread comes with Bluetooth

bluetooth-watch.jpgIt seems that as more and more people are affluent enough to purchase cellphones, they tend to shun picking up a watch as the cellphone already comes with a built-in clock that tells the time equally well. The only drawback would be the hassle of dragging the handset out of the pocket each time you want to see how many minutes are there left before you head home from work after a stressful day. Hence, the once-faithful watch has been relegated to the position of a fashionable timepiece for most, and a collectors’ item for a selected, privileged few.

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XtremeMac MicroPack Portable iPod Dock

XtremeMac MicroPack Portable iPod Dock
Even with the improved iPods, the battery life definitely has some room for improvement, especially in regards to playing video. Good luck getting through a trip to London from the States on one charge.

There are options to extend the battery life, one being the Belkin Battery Pack, but why not get more bang for your buck? That’s what the XtremeMac MicroPack Portable Dock does.

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