Radio Toaster

Radio ToasterYou wake up in the morning, go into your kitchen, put the radio on and make your breakfast. Nothing wrong with that but what if you had a toaster, with a built in radio so you not only save time and energy, but you have more space in your kitchen!

Ok, it’s not the most needed item to buy for your kitchen. But it has definitely got the wow factor. Everyone who comes into your kitchen will dazzled by its unique structure and practicality. It will be the talking point of all your guests.

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Nico Mobile Phone

Nico Mobile Phone

Every kid has a mobile phone these days. Children use mobile phone to be cool, take pictures, text friends and call their dad for a lift home. With phone theft on the increase and radiation fears, its no wonder that parents are dubious about giving their child a mobile phone. Where do they get the money from to pay for all the texts they send? I can barely afford to pay for them myself never mind a minor.

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Shocking Roulette

Shocking RouletteBoard games are outdated and boring and as we are a thrill seeking generation, this game is going to be very popular.

If you have a wicked side to you and love to play tricks on your mates to see them suffer, you need this game. It’s called ‘Shocking Roulette’. It’s a game to sort the men from the mice. Each player puts a fingertip into one of the electric chambers and someone presses start. Once the start button has been presses, the countdown will begin which consists of nerve wrecking beeps and lights. This is the worst part of the game, the waiting! The when the countdown is finished, one player will randomly receive an electric shock!

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