Habits of a Gadget Blogger

Problogger Darren Rowse is doing a feature called Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers, I certainly don’t class myself as a highly effective blogger but as I tend to post here a fair few times a day I guess that still makes me a blogger. So here are my opinions on what makes an effective blogger … Read more

Opera 9 Beta 2 – Download it now

Opera 9 Beta 2 Preview

The famous Opera Browser has come a long way since its birth, and yesterday, Opera 9 Beta 2 became available for download. There might be some bugs since the product is not 100% finished, but that didn’t stop me from downloading and trying it out for 5 minutes.

One of the new features I like the most is the thumbnail preview = being able to see a preview of a site by hovering the mouse over a tab. This is good for the big tab users like me, that always have 6 or 7 tabs (at least) open and after much Internet surfing, can’t remember exactly what is on each tab.

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Hottest PC Ever – The BBQ PC

As it’s been a wet and windy weekend here in the UK it’s given me the time to write up this totally serious guide on how to make a BBQ out of your dusty old PCs.


Step 1 – Find a Doner PC

I find dual 350 mhz SCSI enabled tower to be an ideal candidate. This PC has been sat under my desk for years and had already had its disks salvaged. In it’s day it operated on 128MB of super slow ram (though I think even 32MB would suffice). Be sure to ask the owner of the PC if you can “borrow it” or make sure nobody is looking.

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Electrical adaptor that shuts off devices in standby mode

Smart electrical multiway adaptor

This is a “green” gadget; a multi-way adaptor that acts as a surge protector, but at the same time automatically switches off devices that have been left in standby mode for a pre-determined time.

Most people think that when they put an electrical appliance into standby mode, the only energy used is to light up the red LED. Searching around the net for material for this article, I was shocked by some of the reported statistics on the energy wasted by devices left in this mode.

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