Very Cool Electronic Curtains

Electronic Shaded CurtainsThe only gadget like curtains I’ve seen before are those with little motors that open and close them with a flick of a switch. This may of been cool 10 years ago but now just seems dorky instead of geeky.

The new flexible electronic curtain from Japanese company MicroReactor System Co has got to be the coolest curtain I’ve ever seen (and if it could be combined with LED windows that would be awesome).

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T-shirt that measures a patient’s vital signs

biometric t-shirt.jpg

This is a cotton t-shirt with a difference. It has smart sensors inside the fabric that can monitor the wearer’s vital signals such as temperature, heart rate and whether or not they are moving.

The possible medical applications are infinite, but interestingly enough research work on the project was funded by the US military.  

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