All in one washing machine dryer and ironer.

All in one washing drying and ironing

Not many people like ironing – my wife hates it, and it’s a big source of friction between us because I’d happily go out in an un-ironed shirt, but she can’t stand to see me looking scruffy, so she irons a shirt for me every morning and complains about it over breakfast.

This all in one machine is a great idea that combines two of my favourite themes in gadgets – convergence, and marital harmony. It’s a Laundromat that washes your clothes, dries them leaving them crease-free and ready to wear.

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Colour morphing eggs.

Colour changing glowing eggs.

These colour morphing egg-shaped lights could be cool. They’re wireless, rechargeable, and phase through eight different colours from red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, pink, to purple – and then stick at red when the internal batteries are flat some 6 hours later.

I’m sure children would go crazy for them, and would actually look forward to going to bed at night if you promised them they could take these multi-coloured glowing eggs up to the bedroom with them!

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MP3 player with built-in pedometer

MP3 player with built-in pedometer

I don’t do the exercise word, and hadn’t even considered it recently until I saw this cool MP3 player with a built-in pedometer.

I guess many people aren’t keen on jogging, a session in the gymnasium, or even a brisk walk, because they find it boring.

Imagine how much more tolerable it would be if you had an MP3 player to listen to a few of your favourite tracks whilst toning your body. This gadget goes one better though, because it has a built-in pedometer so you can count how many miles you’ve covered and how many calories you managed to burn off.

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