A new gadget that lets you know you are boring somebody.

Boredom detector camera and alerter.

Can you imagine a gadget that tells you when someone is bored talking to you? Well MIT labs have come up with just such as device, which uses image recognition technology to read a person’s body language to see if they are paying attention.

I need this gadget. For instance I’ve often tried to explain to my wife the importance of installing the latest hardware drivers for a stable operating system. Sometimes I get the distinct impression that she’s not at all interested. Now with my “boredom-level” meter, I can be certain and if necessary steer the conversation to more engaging topics such as kitchen furniture and the latest celebrity gossip.

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Buslink 64GB USB 2.0 FlashDrive Pro II

Buslink Pro 2

Behold the power of USB devices! There are so many wonder stuffs you can do with USB drives, and the most popular usage is of course as a memory (thumb) drive. For some, a 512MB drive is quite good enough to store necessary personal data, but for others 2GB may not be enough. What can you do with such a huge capacity of USB flash drive? Well, what do you do with huge harddisk storage on your PC? The answer is just plain simple.

Anyway, what we have here is not 2GB, not 4GB, rather we have 64GB (Gigabytes) USB Flash drive from the Buslink Drive Pro 2 series.

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Fido the robotic, canine suitcase.

Fido the canine robotic suitcase.

It’s on the record that I hate dogs, and have written about Rex the electronic guard dog who can protect the home without leaving hairs everywhere and chewing your slippers.

Now Samsung-Italia have taken the concept of an electronic guard dog one step further and made Fido the robotic, canine suitcase.

I think this is one of the wackiest gadgets I’ve ever seen.

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