Unkillable Plants

Dinosaur Plant
I don’t know what color is the opposite to green but that’s the color of my fingers in a horticultural sense. I have the ability to kill household plants simply by looking at them (contrary to the obvious it’s got nothing to do with the fact I may forget to water them all the time). So I was quite amused today when I saw 2 of my favourite sites have 2 totally different solutions to my plant murdering tendencies.

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Microsoft Office Live Beta

Office Live Logo

As users are wondering when is Microsoft Office Live Beta going to be released to public, and how much will it change the image people view Microsoft, who had been a software giant in terms of Windows Operating Systems and its well-known popular Office Suite (Microsoft Office). As there have been several demands from users all over the world, wanting and waiting to try out the latest beta innovation from Microsoft, well they have been very careful with this release, intending to target enterprise and professional users, rather than home users at first. The good news is, some beta testers have been selected to try out its latest creation, but the bad news is, not everyone who submitted for the request get theirs answered.

Microsoft Office Live Beta, currently in Beta Stage, is available in three versions – Microsoft Office Live Basics, Microsoft Office Live Collaboration and Microsoft Office Live Essentials.

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Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Optical Mouse

Spelt with a “1” instead of an “i”, this Creative Fatal1ty is what a competitive gamer wants — fast and responsive mouse play in a hardcore virtual battle game. When it comes to gaming, one highly revered name all gamers should be familiar with is Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. With multiple accolades and a number of endorsements under his belt, it is not surprising that more and more budding gamers are aspiring to emulate his success.

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