Designer LCD TVs

Wooden Designer LCD TV
It didn’t seem that long ago when LCD TVs were the new expensive in thing but like most technological advancements it doesn’t take long for them to become common place. For LCD manufacturers to make their TV the one to own they need to compete via quality, features or price. However the company Hannspree is taking a different approach and is selling what I can only describe as novelty / designer LCD televisions.

The HANNSwood 10 inch LCD Television (pictured top right) is designed to look like an old style TV with wood surround and would look just super in any wooden chalet (that was made out of plastic).

I can’t say I was that impressed with the fake wood retro look but the animal LCD TV’s would fit into many a kids room. You’ve got a large variety to choose from, including:

  • HANNSz.cow 10 inch LCD
  • HANNSz.elephant
  • .Monkey (you can guess what comes before the .)
  • Zebra
  • Crab
  • and of course a curly tailed pig

Most kids would love these, but whether you want to spend $300 on what is really just a 10″ LCD is another matter.

Crab LCD TVThe HANNStime.square 12 inch LCD Television is designed to look like a sports watch and offers the following features

  • High-quality sports watch has true Swiss made movement.
  • Thermometer & hydrometer to track temperature and humidity.
  • Adjustable speakers angle for optimum audio experience.
  • Metal watch band-like stand is wrapped in rubber for a resilient grip.

I just hope you can move the straps out the way so that you can see the screen (and it could also serve a TV watch for any giants you might know).

[Hannspree found via an email from Veronica of BornRich]