by Anita

If you are an adventurer, a camping enthusiast or even a mountain climber the AdventurePlus is one gadget you will be glad that you took along with you.

The AdventurePlus has so many cool features and tools that any outdoorsy type person will absolutely love. It is equipped with a Dry Storage Compartment, Safety Mirror, Digital Thermometer, Safety Whistle, 5X Magnifier, a Liquid-Filled Freeze Resistant Floating Dial Compass, and a LED Superbright Flashlight.

All of these features will help you know where you are during the daylight or even at night. You will be able to venture into caves, down into caverns, and if you get lost from your group, you will have a handy safety whistle along. The great dry storage compartment will keep matches dry or other items that you wish to carry and worry about dropping them into the water. Well, they must be small enough to fit into the compartment, of course.

The compass will work well in freezing weather so you can go mountain climbing through the snow and your compass will still show you the way. You may be freezing but your compass will not mind the cold. The freeze resistant liquid will keep the compass working perfectly. The superbright flashlight is sure to show the way through the caves or aid in walking through the wilderness at night. If you are worried about the temperature and are wondering if you should add another log to the fire then you can always watch and see if the temperature is dropping by glancing at the digital thermometer.

The AdventurePlus is a great gadget that you are sure to use all the time whether you enjoy camping or just an evening walking through the big city. The safety whistle can alert others if you are in any type of trouble no matter where you may be.

You can find the AdventurePlus online for around $20.00

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