Thunderbird hits 1.5… nearly

Thunderbird logo
Apparently the Mozilla email client, Thunderbird, has had another spurt of development and hit version 1.5, RC2 status. This happened in November so I’ve been very slow in watching it and there’ll probably be a new one along any time now…

I’m a fan of Thunderbird – it’s portable, fairly feature packed and most importantly of all it renders HTML mails without running any embedded scripts, unlike outlook that simply embeds IE with all the security holes that go with it. It also displays HTML without the graphics by default, saving you mail download time (and potential embarresment!)

1.5 features various tweaks to stability, security and the UI but the big news for many people is that you can now use “forward” as an action on the email rules list – a long awaited feaure.

If you’re not using it now, it’s well worth a look-see. Download from