Levitating Globe

Is it magic, gravity, or a new technology that allows this globe to levitate in mid-air? All of your friends and colleagues will be wondering the same when they see this levitating globe in your dorm room or on your desk at work.

If you remember watching the Pink Panther movie and Inspector Clouseau, you are sure to remember the scene where Inspector Clouseau placed his hand on a spinning globe and fell to the floor. Well, this will not happen with your exciting globe. Everyone will be in too much awe to even consider leaning on the globe. However, they will be curious enough to try to figure out how it stays there and rotates. You will see them moving their hands all around the globe trying their best to cause the globe to fall to the floor.

The levitating globe is held in space electromagnetically which will allow you to move your hands all around the globe and it will not move it all. It will hold its position in mid-air. Great magic trick, right? The secret is a sensor and microcomputer in the base really controls the electronic magnet. But, you never have to tell anyone that little secret.

Whether you wish to use your levitating globe as a conversation piece or just a wonderful decoration for any room you will enjoy the craftsmanship and design.

Plan your next trip by spinning the levitating globe in mid-air, you can always spin again if you land in the middle of the Atlantic or maybe that is a hint to go on a cruise.

You can find this cool levitating globe online for around $50 and give your dorm room a bit more excitement. The size of the levitating globe is eight inches by three ½-inch diameter.