I Love You Toaster

by Anita

I remember when I was young and my mother would fix my lunch before I headed off to school, she would always leave some kind of sentimental note in my lunch just to remind me that she loved me. If she had had the I Love You Toaster, I bet all of my sandwiches would have been on toast.

What better way to send your family off on their day than with special toast that will spell out your love for love them? Each morning you could fix toast and serve it with breakfast, just a subtle and clever way to remind them that you do love each and every one of them.

You can fix their favorite sandwiches and then slightly toast the bread, then your message will be with no matter where they are school, work, or at the gym. They will have a small token of your appreciation and love with them.

The I Love You Toaster only comes in white. It also comes with a removable bread crumb tray for easy clean-up, a variable browning control which will allow you to slightly brown the toast for sandwiches, and cool touch walls so protect you from being burned.

Breakfast will never be the same when you can create unique toast that will express your feeling for your family. Children will also love to surprise their parents by fixing toast with this message.

You can find the I Love You Toaster online for £39.99 and approximately $48.00 USD.

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