The flimsy clock

by Anita

Out of Tokyo comes the news that a Japanese watchmaker has created the flimsiest clock in the world. This is not only the flimsiest digital clock to be created in the world but also the thinnest. It is as thin as camera film and can be bent to attach to the curve of a wall.

This cool gadget is only three millimeters or .12 inches thick and can be seen from sharp angles, on foggy and rainy days or in bright sunlight.

This is one of the best clocks designed for walls of buildings, round pillars that you see in train stations or at malls. This way anyone will just be able to glance up at this giant flexible clock and know what time it is.

This unique clock was created using the technology that was developed by E Ink of the United States. It measures 21.2 inches by 52 inches or 53 by 130 centimeters.

If you have a daughter at home that is getting close to dating age this would be the perfect clock to attach to the side of your house. Then when her date arrives you could just step out the door and say “Remember, be home when the big clock states 10pm.” I believe her date would get the hint.

One of the greatest features of this ultra thin clock is that it uses less power than most digital clocks and its battery life is 20 times longer.

Citizen is geared up for production early in 2006 but you probably will not have enough pocket change lying around for the hefty price tag of $4,200 to $5,000.

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