Portable Micro Buildings


Micro Dwelling Exterior
This looks like something you’d expect to see orbiting the Earth but it is in fact a new form of totally portable building known as Micro Dwellings.

Micro dwellings consist of multiple modules that can be welded/bolted together and are equally at home on land, water, underwater or in the air (if attached to a suitable stable object). With Micro dwellings you are able to cheaply and quickly extend your abode by the addition of new modules. So if over Christmas you have an addition to the family like a brand spanking new 42″ Plasma you could quickly add on an octahedron cinema room (though I’m not sure how the acoustics of that would be).

It wouldn’t surprise me if these odd looking futuristic dwellings found a niche in the future, as they could prove a real blessing for the homeless, disaster recovery initiatives or just plain overcrowding and extortionate house prices. They may not provide the most comfortable of living conditions but certainly offer advantages in other ways.

Multiple Micro Dwellings

Micro Dwellings have been realized with support from Arts Catalyst, London, Kunstnernes Hus, OSLO and The Danish Arts Agency, Denmark

Together with Artist Neal White, N55 is developing a thing called the SPACE ON EARTH STATION. It will be presented the first time in 2006 by Arts Catalyst in London. The Micro Dwellings will be used to build the SPACE ON EARTH STATION.

[Further info can be found at N55]

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Marc Says: December 20, 2005 at 1:46 pm

They’re quite cool, in a “moon base alpha” sort of way 🙂

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