Kodai Djinns Fighting Yo-Yo’s


Yo-yo’s seem to be one of those toys that come back in popularity every 5 years or so. They were supposedly invented by the Greeks (400-500BC) but there’s also talk of an earlier version on Egyptian pictures. But history has never been one of my strongest (or at all interesting) subjects so I’m pleased to say this post is about a modern day version of the Yo-Yo that includes an LCD display, LED flashing lights, infra red communications and most importantly fighting Yo-Yo’s. Introducing the Kiodai Djinns, infra red wristicuffs.

Yo-Yo Fight
When you get your Kiodai Djinns yo-yo out of the box you’ll find it has an LCD screen that shows one of twelve different warrior characters. You train your warrior by spinning him (or her) on the string. When you feel your yo-yo warrior is trained enough you can play a few simple games via the LCD display. If that was all there was to it, it would be a bit of a bland gadget toy IMO, however once you’ve trained, played solo on your yo-yo, you are then ready to fight against your mates Kodai Warrior.

By placing 2 trained Kodai yo-yo’s next to each other you can go into battle mode were your expert training and tuition will be put to the test. Both yo-yo’s will electronically fight against each other via the infra-red connection. Each different character (12 in total) has a different fighting style taken from Far Eastern fight game-style mythology.

You can get Kodai Djinns from Firebox in a Single pack for £14.95 or a battle pack (as playing with your self is boring :)) for £27.95.


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kale olson Says: June 17, 2006 at 9:58 am

do you have a trick book you can send me..i am 9 yrs. old

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