Electro-Stun Swatters

by Anita

There are three different styles of Electro-Stun Swatters so I thought I would tell you about of them at once since they all three swat down those ugly and nasty bugs without any type of mess for you clean up.

The different types are the Electro-Stun Swatter, Electro-Stun Swatter III, and the Rechargeable – Electro-Stun Swatter.

Now to explain the differences the Electro-Stun Swatter will of course kill all kinds of pests. All you have to do is flip the thumb switch and that will activate the pulsing electric field, then all you have left to do is swat that ugly buy. The buy will be fried instantly and they will be no mess. You can instantly kill such bugs like gnats, flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and hornets. All you have to do is wave the swatter and keep a hold of the button and then release over the trashcan and that is it, the bugs are all gone. They just drop off into the trash. You will need two “AA” batteries and the price online is $8.75.

The Swatter III is an upgraded version and if you touch the screen you will receive a shock and know exactly how the bugs feel only you will live to tell others just how much it hurts. This one has three layers of nets. The other two will protect humans if they touch the screen while it is activated. They will actually protect you unless the nets are squeezed or pressed against one another. You can use it just like the original. You will two “AA” batteries and is best if not used by children. The price online is $10.99.

The Swatter-Rechargeable (pictured) is just like is predecessors but does deliver a 900 to 1000 volt discharge. The rechargeable power pack is inside the handle. The cable needed for recharging is also included with the price of $11.95 online.
Cost: $11.95

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