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Most of the gadgets we come across are fun or interesting in some technological way but very few are what we’d call life changers or savers. Marc reported on the life saving straw a few weeks ago and that really is a cool gadget that has and will save lives. So continuing in the really useful gadget theme I’ve just been reading about the Biogas Digester, another life changing gadget for many under developed nation.

The Biogas Digester works by producing methane gas from manure (and it isn’t fussy about what animals or humans produce it). This odor less gas can then be used for heating, cooking or lighting; well anything you’d use conventional natural gas for.

The device is actually really simple and pretty cheap to manufacture. It consists of a specially made box in the ground that needs to be filled with an exact measure of water and manure. This lovely solution then ferments giving off methane which can be taken away by a really sophisticated orange rubber tube. After the manure has fully fermented the remaining sludge can be used as an excellent fertiliser.

Innovations like this must make a real difference to the quality of life some people can lead, and if Marc’s gadget of the year was the drinking straw then this has to be mine.

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