iPod Stickle Brick


FunSkin iPod Case
Remember stickle bricks well now you can make your iPod look like one thanks to the FunSkin iPod Case.

Apple has created a whole new industry around the iPod with various companies jumping on the band wagon with (sometimes) useful accessories FunSkin iPod Case is yet another fashion iPod accessory though it (debatable) offers something a bit extra.

The FunSkin may resemble a Stickle Brick (or a style of clothing depending on your fetish) but it does also offer a bit of extra protection for your iPod. Due to the many soft rubber nodules it should also be grip-able in the slimiest of hands. It also comes in a wide choice of colors (green or black) and due to it’s stretchy nature will fit both the iPod nano (2 & 4 gig) or 5G iPod Video, other features include:

  • Nubbly Shape provides cute style and protection
  • Durable screen protector
  • Removable belt clip
  • Strong, tear resistant material
  • Extraordinary case for unique individuals

If you’re into rubber nodules or have fond members of stickle bricks then this may be the case for you otherwise you might want to put your 30 bucks to better use, either way it’s available from ThinkGeek.com.

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