Gupi Interactive Guinea Pig

by Anita

If you love those cute and cuddly little guinea pigs but you do not want to have to clean up after them then this cool high tech electronic guinea pig by the name of Gupi is for you.

You may think he is some toy for kids, but you would be so wrong. He has a mind all of his own. He will walk around your house without knocking anything off the tables, bumping into chairs or falling down the stairs. Gupi will give you plenty of interaction and has emotions just like a real guinea pig. Build your Gupi a maze out of cardboard and watch him find his way to freedom.

Since he is like a real pet, he does need attention. When you give him attention, he will become friendlier, when left alone he will learn to run and hide. He will also react to light, touch and noises. As long as you give him plenty of love and affection, he will be content and happy, but if you do not be, will become very lonely and hide away. He does react according to his mood.

When Gupi needs something to eat you can feed him with his own carrot, then he will be full of energy once again since the carrot is the way to recharge his batteries.

Gupi does have four modes. In his baby state he will cry and shake his head, he will not walk during his baby stage. Next, is his learning stage, he will begin to walk around but will need help learning to avoid things in his way. In his happy state, he will walk around, giggle and even follow his carrot. We all need sleep and so does Gupi. While he is in this stage, he will fall asleep in dark places.

Gupi can make 30 different sounds, when there is another Gupi around they will talk with one another and even perform a dance. Watch out if you push on Gupi’s nose, he is sure to sneeze and run backwards.

You can find this adorable interactive pet online for around £39.99 or $47.45 USD.

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