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Flirting Moodblurb
As much as we like flashing lights and nano electrical wonders it’s still nice to see the odd low tech gadget from time to time and this week it’s the Mood Blurb.

The Mood blurb (cool name) is as low tech as they come, they are like your own personal speech bubble that you attach to you laptop to convey your current mode, status or avoidance factor to those around you. Great for conversation starters (and for preventing the odd office slime from sidling up), just attach a Mood Blurb to the holder and watch strangers take notice.

Office Moodblurb
The official site gives a much better description that I can:

What are Moodblurbs?

Moodblurbs are, on a very basic level, a fun way to communicate. Think of them as three dimensional status messages; or as a silent conversation starter, even as a dating tool.

Moodblurbs are fun. They’re creative. They’re awesome!

Each Moodblurbs Starters Package comes with 8 Moodblurbs and a Moodblurb holder. The holder connects to your laptop (cubicle, bicycle, review mirror, baby stroller – anywhere you want to clip it – but we really had laptops in mind at first), and holds one Moodblurb at a time.

The Moodblurbs are designed to help you express your mood, intentions or humor at the moment. Some of the expansion packs give you the tools to have actual conversations with the blurbs without getting up from that comfy couch seat in the corner of the coffee

I do think they are a novel idea and hope they take off, I’m all up for new sorts of conversation starters. Who knows it may be a Mood blurb that helps kick off that relationship to end all others

[Mood Blurbs found with a prod from Michelle, thanks Michelle]

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