If you are into cars and new gadgets as well then you are sure to enjoy the way these new TireTagz give your hotrod a whole new look.

These TireTags were originally made for cars that were racing in the Indianapolis 500 for advertisers. They use complex electronic circuitry and high frequency LED’s to create awesome images, words, patterns and animations if you desire. All of this is done within the wheels of your car while you are driving down the road.

The way the TireTags are attached is to the center of the wheel very securely and cannot be removed without a certain type of Allen key. The wheels are powered by slim 3v batteries. The circuitry has the knowledge to know its position on the when at all times using infrared emitters and receivers. There is a reflective strip that must be attached simply to the brake caliper. All of this combined will allow the TireTags to create the illusion of your own chosen words, image, or animation remaining static within the when even while you are driving down the road at top speeds.

When you purchase your TireTagz, it comes with four pre-programmed image designs but you can download even more from their website for only $5.99. The best part is that your TireTags can hold up to 32 images that you would like to use.

Some of the great and most popular TireTagz are Batman, Don’t Ask Me, lizards, skull, Celtic and many more. The one the ladies are sure to like is the one that says Lil Angel.

Show off how you feel and what you wish to say to the world with wheels with a personality of their own.

6 thoughts on “TireTagz”

  1. That is so cool, I’ve never seen anything like that. Wonder if you can get them in the UK (not that they would look very cool on my Rover 400 :))

  2. if i want to bring this product to South East Asia, who should I contact? To install, does it require any special skills, tools etc?

  3. what is required should i be keen to import these products to my country (South East Asia)? Does it require any special skills, tools, machineries to install these?

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