Electric Jar Opener

by Anita

I don’t know about the other ladies out there, but I get real tired of asking the man of the house to open jars for me. I tried several different gimmicks to open them such as holding under hot water, holding it with a towel, and trying all kinds of gadgets to open them and nothing worked. I always wondered when someone would come up with a gadget that would help us open up these stubborn jars short of dynamite.

Well, Black and Decker finally heard our pleas and created an electric jar opener. Now, you can open any type of jar with only one hand and a touch of a button to open every lid in your house. No more yelling to your husband, “Honey, would you please open this for me?” You can now be just a bit more independent and not have to rely on a strong man to open jars, unless you just want him to feel macho.

The best features of this electric jar opener is that it will open almost any size jar with lids up to 4 inches in diameter and jars that are up to 8 inches tall. It will even open baby food jars, jars with plastic lids and narrow jars. It is only 9 inches wide and 11 inches wide and will collapse for easy storage.

This would be a great gift for anyone on your list and they will absolutely love it. This is a gadget that will be used every day and will be greatly appreciated. You can use this gadget in the garage, in your shop, at the office, and of course at home.

You can find this unique gadget at Wal-mart for only around $35.00 and sometimes on sale for just under $30.

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