3-in-1 Rotating Game Table


This is one game table that if you are anything like me and played foosball you are sure to enjoy. I remember playing all of these games, foosball, billiards, and hockey, and always wished I had one of each at home to play. But, I of course could not fit all three in one room and my family didn’t want to turn our house into a game room. But, now with the 3 in 1 rotating game table you only need enough room for one game table to enjoy all three of your favorite games.

The 3 in 1 rotating game table is only a little less than 4 feet long and 3 feet wide. So, it will fit practically anywhere in your home and give everyone 3 great games to play. They can play foosball and then just turn the turnstile knob, the table will rotate, and they can enjoy either billiards or hockey. The table will lock into place until you are ready to begin a different game.

The 3 in 1 rotating game table is made with a durable steel base and laminated playing surfaces and end panels. It comes complete with all the accessories you need to play all three games including the cue sticks, rack, chalk, and balls.

The size of the entire 3 in 1 rotating game table is 31 inches high by 33 inches wide by 42 ½ inches long and weighs around 105 pounds.

The only problem with the 3 in 1 rotating game table is that you have to put it together.

You can find the 3 in 1 rotating game table at Hammacher Schlemmer for around $600 and enjoy hours of fun playing your favorite table games.

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  1. Well this product is successfully included in “coolest-gadgets” category. Interesting idea, having a pool table, football and hockey. I suppose everything can be adjusted according our preferences.

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