Learn to Play Guitar

by Anita


Do you have a budding rock in roll star in your house or maybe a wanna be rock star that needs a few a lessons? If so then you must get one of the stringless guitar’s that will teach them how to play the guitar so it does not sound like a cat with his tail caught in the door.

This stringless guitar has its own built-in tutor and a series of buttons along the neck for fretwork. It also has six rods that are touch sensitive at the bridge for strumming. The buttons on the neck will light up to show the correct finger placement while the twelve lighted frets will teach how to strum and the chords needed to play all your favorite tunes.

The stringless guitar has nine guitar tones, eight bass guitar sound and you can even have it sounding like a banjo or piano.

If that doesn’t convince you, just how great this stringless guitar really is then maybe the 18 programmed songs will. Or maybe you will love the idea of connecting your guitar to your computer and downloading up to fifteen more songs.

The sound comes through a built-in speaker or the headphones that are included. You can also purchase an amplifier and if you wish to download more songs from your computer, you will need to purchase the cables and software.

The stringless guitar does come with the power adapter, USB/MIDI cable, amp cable, shoulder strap, and pick. You can plug it into AC via the 6 foot cord. It is very stylish with its wooden body and plastic and metal components.

You can find this awesome guitar that will teach how to play at Hammacher Schlemmer for around $450.

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