TV Shower Companion

by Anita

This is one cool gadget for anyone that really enjoys taking long relaxing showers but does not want to miss their favorite television shows. I am one of these people, I wait until all of my shows are off before I jump into the shower in the evening. If you prefer to take morning showers you will not miss the weather report or the local news since you will have a television right in your shower with you.

This great TV shower companion has splash proof housing so you can enjoy your shower and not worry if you get a bit of water on your television and you do not have to be afraid of being electrocuted. You will be able to view broadcast or cable television shows, watch your favorite DVD’s and video tapes on a high quality TFT Active Matrix color LCD that has a built in 3 ½ inch screen. It also has dual built in stereo speakers so you will be enjoying quality sound with Sharper Image’s aluminum-cone driver technology.

This TV shower companion is wireless and very easy to use. All you have to do is plug in and connect the small tuner or transmitter to your TV set by the cable TV lien or the TV antenna or even a DVD or VCR. You will be able to view your shows from as far away as 60 feet even through walls, floors or anywhere inside or outside your home. If there are no obstructions you can be as far away as 100 feet.

The TV shower companion comes complete with a wall bracket, a flip-out stand for putting it on a desk, counter, or table and hooks for hanging in the shower. Other great features include jacks for optional headphones and subwoofer, brightness control, and an integrated antenna that will flip down and protect the LCD screen.

You can find this cool gadget at Sharper Image for around $300.

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