Maxtill Mousepad G2 series

by Keith

Maxtill Pad G2-Series

With the improving technology, keyboards and mice have both undergone numerous transformation in design. With users perferences of optical mouse over traditional roller ball-type, newer and more sophisticated mousse pads are now more widely invested on, especially for Gamers who like smooth touch and transitional surface while requiring accuracy and precision in the control of the mouse.

Motivated by some fast paced games, users are more particular about the quality of their gaming arsenal, i.e. keyboard, the mouse and perhaps even mousepad. Providing a cutting-edge of user’s control of the mouse, Maxtill have revealed that glass is arguably the best material in creating a mouse pad with ultra smooth surface for effortless control of optical gaming mice.

The use of tempered glass and some undisclosed combination of special polymers and alloys have made the Maxtill Max G2-series mouse pads another fine example of cutting edge mouse pads, designed almost exclusively for serious gamers wanting nothing less than precision gaming gear for that extra edge in their daily gaming regime.

According to Maxtill, the Max G2-series of tempered glass mouse pads are specially treated during the manufacturing process to produce a matt surface that is smooth to the touch. In addition, it is highly scratch resistant and completely flat from end to end indefinitely. The rigidity over traditional mouse pads also means that it will not warp over time even after extensive usage.


  • Dimension: 25 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 900g
  • Material: Tempered Glass
  • Colour: Black, Semi-transparent, blue, brown

While it is easy to maintain, scratch resistant and hardy, it is currently retailed at only US$20, which is not much especially for one manufactured out of tempered glass. Finally, it is also available in blue, brown and semi-transparent white.

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