Homer Simpson Mug & mug warmer

by Anita


Do you know anyone that is a Homer Simpson fan or just a computer geek that loves a hot drink while online? If so, then you have to check out the newest Simpson gadget on the market.

The Homer Simpson Mug and mug warmer will keep their coffee, tea, or brandy warm while they surf online or play their favorite game. I for one think I need one of these. I absolutely hate to pour a cup of coffee, sit it beside my computer, and then get busy and forget about my coffee. Then when I do remember it is ice cold.

You will really begin to like Homer Simpson if you are not a fan when he aids in keeping your hot drinks warm and inviting while you are working on the computer.

Why is this Homer Simpson mug and mug warmer so unique that even computer geeks would love to own one? It is because it plugs into the computers USB port. It is another great gadget for their computer. The mug itself is ceramic and can be used totally without the warmer and the warmer can be used to warm other cups, but why break up the set.

So, if you know of anyone that enjoys a nice warm cup of java while sitting at their PC whether they are a Homer Simpson fan or not you may consider this Homer Simpson Mug and Mug warmer an excellent choice for a gift.

You can find this Homer Simpson Mug and Mug Warmer online for £19.99 and around $35.78 and never let your coffee get cold again. At that price, you could buy one for everyone you know that lives on their computer, but remember if they can enjoy hot coffee at their PC, you may miss them at the breakfast table.

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izabel Says: July 10, 2006 at 3:54 pm

Aonde encontro essa caneca pra venda..???

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