Beddy Bear Microwave Hot Teddy

by Anita


This is a great gift for any man to give his girlfriend or for the husband to give to his wife if he travels from home a lot. This Beddy Bear Microwave Hot Teddy will keep them warm while you are away. Every time they cuddle up with their nice warm bear, they will of course have to think of the one that gave it to them.

This is also a wonderful Beddy Bear to give to your wife, girlfriend or one of your children, even if you do not travel. The nice warm feeling of the Beddy Bear will aid in the cost of heating of your home. You know how when you get in bed and you like it cuddly and warm just before falling asleep, well the Beddy Bear will stay warm for you to 3 hours. This has got to be better than electric blankets.

All you have to do is place Beddy Bear into the Microwave for 2 minutes and it will stay toasty for a whole three hours. This is always a great gift for children with growing pains. The heat will ease the pain in their legs as they cuddly up with their new warm friend.

It will not only give the gift of warmth, but will also emit a lavender aroma, which will aid in a restful sleep. The Beddy Bear can be used time and time again and will always be warm and cuddly.

The Beddy Bear Microwave Hot Teddy comes in an array of colors and has a soft velvet finish. It is filled with treated wheat grains and of course just a bit of lavender. It is 12 inches long, just the right size for snuggling. You can find it online for £10.99 or $19.67USD.

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bezard Says: November 26, 2006 at 11:08 am

Bonjour, je recherche fabricant allemand du beddy ours chauffant pour négoce achat.
Hello I am with the research of manufacturing beddy bear for trade purchase of cuddly toys. thank you for me donenr of the infos cordially

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