Water Squirting Arm Wrestling Game


If you are like me, you are use to seeing when the guys get together all of them challenging one another to an arm wrestling game. Also, if you are like me you get so tired of just standing there watching them trying to be macho and you sure don’t want to join in.

Well, if you really want to liven up their arm wrestling adventure give them the water squirting arm wrestling game next time they all get together. With this game, you will not mind watching at all since the loser will be even more humiliated because he will get wet.

As they play the game, the squirter arm is pointed at each contestant. Then when the winner hits the squirt ball, the loser will be squirted. Now, that will show those macho men who is the real drip.

The best part will be when a girl challenges the macho man and he is the one that gets wet and the girl is still dry as can be.

This would be a great gift, as well, for any man that enjoys beating his friends at arm wrestling. Now, he will have the satisfaction of soaking his loser friends while he is the victor again and again.

Not only would macho men love this cool arm wrestling game, but it would be fun at parties, including birthday parties for young boys. They can each take turns seeing who is stronger and getting wet at the same time. On a hot summer’s day, they may enjoy being the loser.

No matter who is playing this arm wrestling game you had better have plenty of towels ready unless you make them play outdoors.

You can find this great game online at Gobaz.com for £16.99 and around $30.41USD. Each game comes with 2 squirt balls and 2 arm rests.

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