Illuminated Flying Disc

I bet everyone remembers the Frisbees we all played with our friends and if you were talented, enough you learned all kinds of tricks. You could have played Frisbee with your dog, on the beach, or many other places. The Frisbee was a take along toy that everyone could enjoy and did not take up much room when packing to go for holidays.

The only bad part about our old Frisbees is that when the sun went down so did our fun. Well today, you will be glad to know you can give your children a better Frisbee type toy than you ever got the chance to play with. A matter of fact, you may wish to get one for yourself. In addition, you do not have to quit playing and put up the illuminated flying disc after the sun goes down.

The illuminated flying disc is great for having fun after dark. You can throw it and the glow from the disc will hover in the night sky. The way it does this, is that it has an ultra-bright L.E.D. in the center, which illuminates the fiber-optic strands that extend to the edges of the disc.

The result is both vibrant and alien looking as it glides from each person that may be tossing it around. Would you believe it even floats? The lithium coin-cell battery that is included will last a very long time so you can enjoy your illuminated flying discs for many months.

The disc is similar in style and quality to its non-lit equivalent and weighs around 185 grams. It measures 10 ¾ inches in diameter. You can choose from red, green, or blue and can find this cool new innovative Frisbee type toy called the illuminated flying disc for around $25.

Don’t let the kids have all the fun, toss your illuminated flying disc into the night sky and watch the glow hover.