Remote Control Tarantula

by Anita


All guys love remote controls no matter their age and they all also enjoy all those creepy crawly bugs. Now you can give them a gift they are sure to love since it combines their love of machines and bugs. The remote control Tarantula will give them plenty of hours of fun scaring the neighbor’s wife and kids.

This hairy tarantula looks just like a giant tarantula walking across the floor. It has eight legs that move independently just like a real spider. They can control it to creep frontwards, backwards, or even left or right.

The colors of the tarantula may be different and can vary but will definitely look like a real tarantula. This spider is 6 ½ inches by 6 inches by 1 ¾ inches, it needs two “AAA” and three “AA” batteries which of course are not included.

If you know any guys that love to play practical jokes or just enjoy remote control items then you purchase one of these and make his dreams come true.

This would also be fun at a family reunion or any party or event, just think about the looks on the guests face when they see a giant tarantula walking across the table, under their feet or hiding in the bathroom. Enjoy all the screams and the laughs when Aunt Sue runs from the bathroom screaming that there is a tarantula walking around in there.

This exciting remote control tarantula can be found online for around $25 and any guy would be surprised to pull it out of their Christmas stocking.

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Zero Says: May 21, 2010 at 6:39 am

I am sure that i am going to get this!!!!!! That will be funny!

Frankie Says: January 12, 2011 at 5:12 am

It looks good from a distance and defo scares the neighbours lol

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