Loc8tor – Don’t lose it, Locate it


Fed up of losing your keys, then you’ll be pleased to hear the answer to your problem, The Loc8tor is very nearly here.

The Loc8tor (the domain Locator.com was obviously taken :)) is one of those cool ideas that make you think “Why didn’t I think of that?” Upon first inspection it looks a bit like how an iPod would of looked if it was made a decade or so ago but this little device isn’t meant to be a fashion accessory it’s aim is to help you find those pesky keys.

The Loc8tor
It works by getting you to tag items that you frequently lose, like wallets, purses, keys, kids etc. The handheld device then uses a radar to help you loc8te (sorry) your lost belongings.

I can imagine all sorts of games you can play with this and hiding other peoples belongings, in fact it should have a game mode where is speaks saying “Cold, getting warming, warm, hot, red hot, burning” okay I’m getting carried away here.

It’s not available yet but is due to be released some time in December and will cost about 60 quid (which is cheaper than the number of wallets and keys I lose every year). The loc8tor will come with 2 tags but you’ll be able to buy extra tags (up to 25) if you have lots of possessions you frequently lose.

[loc8tor via some Sunday newspaper]

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