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Skype be with you
Skype is by far the most popular software on the internet for crystal clear Voice Over IP communication. With this in mind, Elecom decided to release the easy to use, portable BT-MG1.

Basically, the BT-MG1 is a small, pocket-sized USB drive with 32MB of Flash Memory. The unique thing about this little drive, however, is that it is completely configured and setup to plug and play Skype! All the software is preloaded, and also stores all your personal Skype information to further increase the usability of this wonderful little gadget.

The best part is, it’s completely safe from things such as identity theft, and it requires absolutely no downloading or installing to the computer it is being accessed on. You don’t even have to install it on the drive itself!

This handy little device is expected to be released in mid-December (just in time to make a perfect Christmas present!) at an affordable cost of $75. Elecom will also be offering the BT-MG2 which is virtually identical to the BT-MG1 with the exception of giving you the advantage of Bluetooth connectivity. The BT-MG2, however, will go for roughly $105 though.

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