Micro Fiber Miracle Cleaning Cloths


If you are tired of having all those smelly and dangerous chemical in your home just to keep your house clean and spotless you will be, glad to learn that there is an innovative new way to keep your home clean and free from germs with just water. The answer is Micro Fiber Miracle Cleaning Cloths.

These great cleaning cloths are created with micro fiber. You may wonder what this is. Well, to put it in simple language, micro fibers are synthetic filaments that interweave with 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide. They are split through a new process that has 16 different sections and 16 interval spaces. Just one strand of a micro fiber is only 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk. Why is this so important?

Because this enables the cloths with the use of these micro fibers to get into the smallest cracks and crevices on your counters tops or other areas that you need to clean. These micro fibers will collect oil, grease, dirt, grime, dust, film, and then hold it deep inside until you rinse it down the drain.

Another great reason these micro fiber cloths clean so well is that use a type of static electricity. The cloth will literally such the dirt and dust up into and hold it inside.

The dirt is held in the inner microscopic pockets of the fiber and the outer parts of the cloth with expand through moisture locking the dirt inside. To unlock the grease, dirt and grime all you have to do is rinse or wash under hot water.

The best thing about these micro fiber-cleaning cloths is that they can clean anywhere and anything from your kitchen counter top to your windows. They even work miracles on your car. Oh, you can also clean them and use them repeatedly. As long as you follow the cleaning instructions, your miracle cloths can last up to 4 years.

To find out more about these micro-fiber cloths or to order online check out this website.