Lighting up Balloons

Lightup balloons
Balloons are normally pretty light but with these mini balloon lighters (AKA the Balloominator™) they can look as light as they feel.

The Balloominator™ is a tiny LED light (yes LED’s again) that you put inside the balloon, the light (available in different colors) can then be set to other glow constantly or flash repeatedly. The Balloominator™ is so light (weight wise) that it can be put in a helium balloon and still cause a child to cry when they leave go of the string.

Glowing balloons have all the same uses as regular balloons with an added uniqueness, a great way of getting conversations started at any party or drawing attention in shops and forecourts.

The Balloominator is really easy to use and set up (take from the instructions):

  1. Drop it in
    Just drop the balloon light in the uninflated balloon.

    If needed, load up with batteries by unscrewing the bottom.

  2. Inflate and tie off
    Inflate as normal with air or helium via lungs, pumps or tanks. It doesn’t matter to the Balloominator™!
    Tie off the balloon with a knot, or use a disk or other standard tie off device.
    The Balloominator is 100% Hi Float compatible and waterproof too.
  3. Secure the Balloon Light
    Turn the balloon up and let the Balloominator™ drop down into the neck.
    Secure the O-ring over the neck of the balloon to hold the Balloominator™ in place.
  4. Turn it on

    and let the fun begin!

    Now just hold the top of the Balloominator™ while twisting the bottom clockwise until the light comes on.

The Balloominator™ is available at and will be popping up in more and more shops soon.