Light Snacks

by Anita


If you are looking for great new gifts this year to give out to family and friends then you are sure to find these Light Snacks an awesome gift to give. Not only will it not empty your wallet to purchase several sets of these for everyone on your gift list, but it will also be a gift they will definitely use.

How many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night to go into the kitchen and find yourself a snack? You absolutely hate the thought of turning on the giant blaring kitchen light to find that favorite snack. After that, piercing light hits your eyes it will be harder than ever to get back to sleep. Well, there is good news for all you midnight muncher’s. The Light Snacks are the easiest way to find a snack and not have to turn on one light at all.

When you are ready for a snack, all you have to do is tap on the Light Snack jar lid and a soft glow will magically appear so you can just take of the lid and enjoy a snack. When you have your snack in hand, just tap on the lid again and the glowing light will disappear.

These gadgets containers are not only great for the kitchen but also for the bathroom. You can place just about anything you can think of in these airtight containers and be able to find them in the dark just by tapping on their lid. What a great way to find birth control items in the dark without ruining the mood by that bright light.

You may even decide to use them at work in the dark corners of your warehouse or closet to keep all kinds of things including a mid-morning snack.

They do require three “AA” batteries, which are sold separately. You can find this awesome gift online at

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