The Wovel

by Anita

Well, it is almost wintertime again and you are probably not looking forward to shoveling the sidewalks, driveway and possible the sidewalks at your office. Who really enjoys spending several hours out in the cold doing strenuous labor just to remove snow and ice from walking areas?

Well with the Wovel, you will really enjoy clearing away that snow. You may even get your teenager to start shoveling not only your sidewalks and driveways but he may even start his own business and save you some money.

The Wovel is not just a great gadget that will clear the walkways faster but because of its wheeled design it will also protect your back from twisting, straining and lifting all that snow. All you have to do is push down with your body weight to lift and throw the snow and ice away. Instead of hurting your body be wise and use a product that will relief the work that your back is use to doing when shoveling snow.

The Wovel is made with a 26-inch wide shovel blade and a 36-inch tire that literally hugs the ground. It is also adjustable for heights, strengths, weight and even the condition of the snow. With all of these types of adjustments, just about any one can use and will enjoy shoveling the snow.

The wheel and the shovel blade are made of injection molded co-polymer polypropylene with 1-inch powder coated tubular steel. The handle is 1½ inches of powder coated tubular steel. It weights a little less than 30 pounds and the dimensions are 44 inches high, 73 inches long and 26 wide. It is very easy to store and will not be in the way. One great feature of this cool gadget is that it will not damage stonework or your beautiful landscaping. You can purchase the Wovel online and save your back a lot of extra work this winter. The price of the Wovel is around $120.00.
Wovel – The Snow Shovel on a Wheel – Wovel Accessory Pack

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Dale Skawinski Says: November 18, 2005 at 10:13 pm

How do you purchase anything on this site? I am interested in the Wovel, what website is it located in?
Thank you

Dale Skawinski

Al Says: November 19, 2005 at 5:04 am

Hi Dale, we don’t sell anything here (yet) we just review and report on stuff, With regards to the wovel you can get those from

Edit: Corrected due to next comment 🙂

SSI Says: February 5, 2006 at 10:38 am




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