Weather Beacon

by Anita

Always start abreast of what Mother Nature has in store without any type of loud obnoxious noises with the new Ambient Weather Beacon.

This great gadget keeps you up to date with weather data by using color and light. It will glow red in you are due for warm weather, blue if cold weather is on the way. If you see the light pulsating then you are in for a chance of snow or rain.

All you will have to do is just glance over to learn the weather forecast for the day. No one will even know that this beautiful designer glass artwork is a sophisticated weather beacon.

Your Weather Beacon will constantly receive data from Ambient’s nationwide radio network without you having to pay a dime in monthly fees. This is a patent pending wireless technology that you can have at your fingertips. Other features include not only weather forecasts but also activity channels such as gardening, sailing, skiing and even pollen forecasts.

If you become a premium user, you will also enjoy learning the 5-day forecasts, wind speed, barometric pressure and much more for more than 2,000 locations worldwide.

You will be able to make decisions for all of your outing needs, vacations, and so much more. With this Weather Beacon, you will have just as much knowledge as the weather forecaster on your favorite news channel. No need to stay in the dark and wonder what tomorrow’s weather will bring or stay up until you hear the late night news your Weather Beacon will have you ready for tomorrow.

This wonderful and innovative Weather Beacon can be found online for around $179.95. It also makes a wonderful gift for just about anyone that likes to know what Mother Nature has in store for tomorrow.

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