iPod Cable Winder – The TETRAN


I like these, the little colourful Tetran’s are cool, cute and useful.

The primary use of the Tetran is as a cable winder for your iPod headphones. I often find leaving my headphones in my pocket results in them magically tying knots in themselves and getting tangled with any keys or other objects I have in my pocket. This is where the Tetran comes in.

Cable Winder AnimationThe Tetran has the special power of preventing pesky earphones tying themselves in knots, it accomplishes this by the use of it special ability magical nobles. The earphones will also be so scared by the colossal mouth of the Tetran that they won’t dare even think about getting knotted. To see the Tetran magic in full affect have a look at the video to the left.

As well as being a cable winder the Tetran can also be used as a bit of stress relief, you can safely squish him in your hands without fear of being bit (just make sure you earphones aren’t in his mouth at the time).

Now onto the serious stuff. The TETRAN comes in 4 colors, green, pink, yellow and orange. It’s a bit big to fit in you pocket being approx 58(W)× 61(H)×49(D)mm but can happily be attached to a bag, belt or keyring.

You can buy the Tetran from Tunewear who also have a variety of other fun iPod accessories.

[Tetran found via iPodiTude]

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mck Says: November 13, 2005 at 8:25 am

I, too find my iPod headphones in the oddest positions after a few minutes in my pocket, this might just have to go on my wishlist. 😀

Cuby Says: November 16, 2005 at 11:24 am

Whoa! Thirteen bucks + shipping for a super ball with bumps on it? I guess it is all about pet rocks, enjoy.

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